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Featured Brand: Loom Loop – Sustainable clothing that’s taking the fashion world by storm!

Loom Loop is an eco-friendly, sustainable fashion brand brought to life by none other than a local Hong Kong designer, Polly Ho who is taking the fashion world by storm. First launched in 2014 in PMQ, Loom Loop can best be described as a clothing brand where East Meets West. It features a new Chinese style of clothing using Canton Silk and derives its name from Chinese culture. Loom is a traditional Chinese device for making fabrics, and Loop is a type of knot, thus the brand name ‘Loom Loop’ focuses on the message that basic knitting is the cornerstone of the designing of their clothes. This is reflected as the brand places a heavy emphasis on heritage conservation and the protection of traditional craftsmanship.

The fabric they use for their garments is a famous traditional fabric from Guangzhou China. It has more than one thousand years of history due to its unique manufacturing process, quantity scarce, and the long time spent in the making. What is unique about this fabric is that it does not stick to the body, it is comfortable and remain in its colour in the fastness to sunlight. This is perfect for the hot, humid weather we experience very regularly in Hong Kong. Loom Loop also uses organic dyes and only makes each item once, in small, medium and large, and if it sells out, they make it again but in minimum quantity so there is no wastage.​

Their current collection for FW18 is inspired by a Chinese folk, HanLu. It’s the 17th of the 24 solar terms in the traditional East Asian calendar. Within this collection, Loom Loop has tried to raise concern on solar terms in modern city life. They have used fun design prints to help paint the picture of Hanlu. The colours that feature in the collection such as dynasty blue, Chinese red and black is a mixture of vitality and relaxation.

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