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The fabric we use for the garments was a famous traditional fabric of Guangzhou China. It is the best summer clothing fabrics, it does not stick to the body, and it is cool and comfortable, it remains its color in the fastness to sunlight.


The fabric has more than one thousand years of history, because of its unique manufacturing process, quantity scarce, and the long time spent in the making. The fine material never creases, even under constant pressure, and it is often the first choice of the wealthy for their summer clothing.


The requirements of the exquisite craftsmanship, the softness and the color after wore, it is called "soft gold".



The Collection of Loom Loop symbolizes a mixture of traditional craftsmanship of the heritage Guangzhou fabric with a modern approach to the contemporary individualism. We design unique pieces for the sophisticated Ladies and Gentlemen. It is mixture of restraint and boldness, we create new silhouettes with the sophistication of the heritage Guangzhou fabric.


The collection adapts a reconstruction approach by using leftover denim fabric and non-shipped sweaters from garment factories.


A lifestyle collection including small bags and cushion will be part of the whole collection to further complete the brand.

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