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Loom Loop, 1000 Years Of Heritage

By Ross Pollard – Emerging Labels Editor

Chinese label Loom Loop do something very special, they take fabric from Guangzhou in China that has evolved over 1000 years into a textile that is both colourful and crease proof, and spin it into modern looks that evoke the heritage alongside the time they find themselves in.

The sumptuous deep materials are beautifully patterned and the deepness of colour creates striking imagery that will make the eye follow. The craftsmanship is evident, as is the smart way in which bold plays off against sophisticated.

But look closer and the print reveals more, the details in the flowers, the checkering of the linear graphics, each movement showing another part of the intricate design.

For me one of the biggest changes I’ve seen in my time as a fashion writer is the rise of Asian designers in the European markets. Increasingly a diverse range of creators and styles have built a reputation of quality and have done so by embracing their personal perspectives. Loom Loop are no exception, they’ve created a signature look that lives long in the memory, that is instantly recognisable as belonging to the label, I’m a little bit in love.


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