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Meet the Designers! Fashion Hong Kong’s Polly Ho

Fashion Hong Kong sent over a trio of brands to NYFW for the second year, and this season, designers Cynthia & Xiao, Harrison Wong, and Loom Loop were tapped to show off their Fall ’17 creations. They each showed in one big runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square today; pre-show, we caught up with the designers to get the scoop on the collections and their visit to the Big Apple.

Polly Ho of Loom Loop closed out the show with fashion that referenced a popular Chinese childhood legend by way of cow and bird motifs and chocolate milk carton purses.

What’s different this season, Polly? We still use Chinese legend as our main inspiration. This time it’s about a cowboy and a weaver. They can only meet each other once a year. We design our own prints, like clouds, cows, and some birds. While we were brainstorming, we were reminiscing about childhood memories of chocolate milk! We found a bakery in Hong Kong and collaborated with them. They’ve been around for 70 years. So we made the chocolate milk pouch, and we used a cow as a logo. We also used some smartfabrics, and one is recycled. We have blue tones and some of purple, and a touch of romance. Do you always use smart fabric? No, but when we choose fabric, we are very careful. At the onset of our brand, we used a silk called Kenton silk—it’s a heritage fabric, and less and less people get it in the industry. If a fabric has a story behind it and it is meaningful, then we use it. Last season we painted pasta onto the fabric for a fun print. Food is a big thing, huh? I love to eat. Who is are you designing for? They are very educated, confident, they know what they want, they are brave if they are buying our prints, and they want to be stunning.

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