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Polly Ho Exclusive Interview

What are your inspirations for the designed you created for the Hong Kong Fashion Show?

This season we still used the Chinese legend as our inspiration. Its a Cowherd, like a Chinese cowboy, and the Weaver girl. They only meet once a year at a beach built for them to see each other. You will see a lot of prints with designs that have the cow and cloud inspiration and the bird. Also with the inspiration we have childhood memories about the chocolate milk, so we found a Hong Kong brand that has 70 years of history to collaborate with. You will see on the Runway there are chocolate milk cartons as a pouch and the logo is displayed on the outside.

Growing up was there someone in your family in fashion or did you go to school and study fashion?

When I was 5 years old I already found myself to love fashion because I always draped the blanket on my sister. These kinds of memories and what I want to do are the reason's I am here today.

Do you prefer to design Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer garments?

Fall, I love fall clothes. I love to make people beautiful, that is my job!

Have you shown in NYFW prior to this season?

Yes, last year February 2016. Hong Kong has a Fashion Week in January and July, but NYFW is a very big thing so it's lucky for us to be here.

How durable are your garments?

They are very durable. With our brand we only use meaningful material. For example, this time we have some recycle fabric and to design our own prints we use eco-ink. We use heritage silk to protect the environment like long history. When we pick fabric we do it very carefully because we don't want to harm the world. We want to do something unique!

Photo Credit: Charles Hundley

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