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Nothing captures the essence of exotic fashion more than the Loom Loop brand. Borrowing traditional fabric used in Guangzhou China to fashion their summer collection; Loom Loop has unveiled their luxuriously colorful ’16 summer collection.

Loom Loop is yet another fashion brand that is eco conscious, but they have something that sets them apart from the rest. The eco fashion brand uses a traditional Chinese fabric that is more than a thousand years old to fashion their collections. They chose that particular fabric for its comfort, cool feel and ability to remain in color against sunlight making it in every sense the ideal fabric for summer wear. Dubbed the ‘soft gold’ fabric, the brand uses the luxurious Gambiered silk fabric to encapsulate the heritage of Guangzhou while giving it a modern take with contemporary designs.

Pong Wong and Polly Ho founded the brand, both with design backgrounds as well as experience working in London. The Hong Kong based label was born out of the duo taking up the PMQ project announced by the government to provide designers with affordable shop rental prices. The brand made its debut at the 2015 Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion week and recently showcased their Fall/Winter collection at the 2016 New York Fashion Week.

Their restrained yet bold outfits are created using a reconstruction method using leftover sweaters and denim fabrics obtained from garment factories. Loom Loop’s collections in essence fashionably merge East with West. The brand’s diverse collection of both menswear and ladies wear includes dresses, skirts, pants, tops and small bags.

For their 2016 summer collection Loom Loop does not fail to impress with their vibrant and almost whimsy looks. Featuring your typical summer dresses, prints reminiscent of the art deco era and soft pastels; Loom Loop’s 16’ summer collection offers interesting and bold summer choices for the equally bold and fashion-forward woman.

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