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Style By Asia

The latest collection by Polly Ho’s Loom Loop, design partnership with Melancholicandy, used traditional Canton silk to offer cool, comfortable and eco-friendly creations. “The method of weaving the jacquard fabric has not been compromised,” Ms Ho said. “The old traditional wooden machine is still used to weave it. The whole dyeing process of this fabric is eco-friendly, too, with the raw silk fabric dyed in yam juice.

“This fabric is a good representation of Lingnan culture, and we hope to conserve the traditional culture and craftsmanship that accompanies it. We don’t want this fabric to exist only in the costume museum,” she adds. “We want to create a trend of wearing Chinese-style clothing, but in a modern way.”

While using traditional Chinese fabric, the brand also takes cues from the West. Its Spring/Summer 2016 collection, for example, is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s fairytale, The Happy Prince, and features art deco-style prints and a swallow motifs. Ms Ho said her design's East-meets-West concept were well received in the Japanese capital.

“Tokyo is one of Asia’s most prominent cosmopolitan cities and one of the most important fashion cities. Many Japanese shoppers are sophisticated and looking for high-quality fashion products. They aren’t just interested in Western brands; they are also looking for something with heritage and quality.” Japan was also a source of inspiration, Ms Ho said. “For our Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, “Attack of the Crab Monster,” we paired the crab print with sushi to make it more fun.”

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