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MILLION DOLLAR BABE photography Zeinab Batchelor - fashion Aisha Jimoh - set design Katy Bennett

Urvashi wears trench LOOM LOOP; gloves all-in-one bodysuit and boots AGNE KUZMICHAITE; corset ALICE PONS; scarf (layered under corset) NAYA REA; earrings and rings LARA HEEM

London-based photographer Zeinab Batchelor teams up with fashion stylist Aisha Jimoh to create our latest story titled 'Million Dollar Babe' featuring Urvashi Umrao at Titanium Models. Set in a rustic and earthy location, Batchelor and Jimoh capture the contrasting relationship between the mundane and the luxurious creating visually bold images that showcase color, texture and form through the bold silhouettes. With set design by Katy Bennett 'Million Dollar Babe' becomes a strong visual composition where the gentle manipulation of the surroundings compose stunning images filled with personality and authenticity. Makeup and Hair by Wendy Asumadu using Glossier. Photography assistance by Katie Allen.

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